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5 Easy Tips to Lose Weight Faster in 2018


5 Easy Tips to Lose Weight Faster in 2018

We've been doing all the right things this year to lose weight but we still want to get over the hump faster. We've been working hard but now it's time to work smarter! I want to share 5 tips with you that have helped me Lose Weight and reach my goals (faster than my friends 😊).

Read on for the my tips!

1. Eat a High Protein Breakfast

This was one of the biggest things that helped me Lose Weight quickly. What's great about starting the day off with a good amount of protein is it helps fill you up and decrease your cravings throughout the day which helps you lower your calorie intake.


2. Drink Water 30 Minutes before Eating (and an hour after)

I was initially pretty skeptical about this tip but it really worked for me.  Drinking water 30 minutes before eating really helps you with digesting the food. Then when you drink water 1 hour after eating it will help your body absorb all of the nutrients.

The more the merrier!


3. Appetite Supplements

A great Appetite Supplement can really help you reach your Weight Loss goals quicker when used properly. The supplement will help you control your appetite and keep your cravings down which leads you to better and quicker results.

To Learn more about how Weight Loss Supplements can help you check out this article. 4 Ways Caralluma Can Help you Lose Weight


4. Eat Your Food Slowly

 Ok, I have to admit that this was one of the hardest tips for me to get used to! When i get hungry i naturally want to eat everything as quickly as i can. Over time i focused on eating slower and it really helped me to control my appetite and lose weight.

If i can do it anyone can!


5. Drink Tea (or even Coffee!)

As long as you keep the sugar low to non existent with tea and coffee, they can be great for your Weight Loss journey. They are both great at increasing your Metabolism which helps you lose weight