6 Healthy Ways To Fight Period Cravings

6 Healthy Ways To Fight Period Cravings

How to fight period cravings? Most women have severe cravings during premenstrual syndrome. Some may have experienced it during the actual period and there are those fortunate ones who don’t have any period cravings at all. Most women crave for rich creamy food like ice cream one week before leading up to their period.


Do you have any cravings? If you do, what are your cravings? Here is a list of common cravings and how you can deal with them.


It is very common for women to crave for sugary and high carbohydrate foods like pasta, bread and rice before and during period. These cravings are often sign of low serotonin and low blood sugar levels. Serotonin is the feel-good chemical in the brain. When serotonin levels are low, that’s when the craving for sugar and carbohydrates kicks in. Also, that’s because the body uses carbohydrates to produce serotonin


Chocolate is one of the top cravings. It tastes good, it makes you feel good and it’s connected to positive emotions and love. It’s actually a comfort food for most people. If you crave for chocolate before and during your period, it can also be that you are lacking in magnesium and iron. Chocolate contains both magnesium and iron. Hence, that’s why you desire it even more.


Ice cream or rich creamy dessert is the third common period craving. Research have shown that you may also experience low levels of calcium before and during period. Therefore, you tend to crave for rich creamy foods that has high calcium such as ice creams, cakes or any other rich creamy desserts. Do you fall into this category?


This article will not tell you to avoid all those cravings because that’s not going to help and you may even end up binge eating. Instead, provide you with tips on how you can fight your period cravings.


If you’re someone who craves for high carbs foods, you are encouraged to consume meals and snack which are high in complex carbs. These foods include whole grain bread, sweet potato, brown rice, banana, beans and other fruits and vegetables.

Have them for breakfast because these high fiber foods will take much longer for your body to digest. It will help to control cravings throughout the day. If you have complex carbs on an empty stomach, it will help to increase serotonin levels within an hour. So, no more grumpy days ahead.


As for your sugar cravings and when your blood sugar is low, you crave for sweets and so you have it. Consuming complex carbs will then increase your blood sugar level but only for a short while. You will end up wanting more sugary foods and drinks. Hence, that is why there are some who can be addicted to sugars.


Have you experienced that before? To break the cycle, go for food with natural sugar such as fruits, juices, honey, yogurt, and carbs. Consuming these foods with complex carbs will help you to balance your blood sugar level and to reduce cravings.

If you’re someone that experienced magnesium and iron deficiency, the good news is that you can give in to your chocolate cravings. Chocolates are high in magnesium and iron but also high in fat. So try to choose high quality anti-oxidant rich dark chocolate over milk chocolate, which typically has more calories and fat. You can also have a cup of hot chocolate and remember to consume in moderation.

Other high in iron and magnesium foods include beans, seeds, nuts, green vegetables, fish and red meat. So if you are looking for an excuse to consume red meat, it’s a perfect time. A nice piece of red lean meat can help to increase iron and also to make up for what’s loss each month. Magnesium can also help to decrease common menstrual symptoms such as bloating, constipation, headaches, anxiety or swollen breasts. Do increase your magnesium and iron intakes.

It is important to know that there are healthy ways to fight period cravings. During this special time of the month, it is important to listen to your body and. Feed your body with good food. Keep moving and have enough sleep as well. Your body knows best so listen to it.