How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Weight is one factor why some people suffer simple to serious health conditions that sometime may lead to the death of a person. There are people who are not mindful of the harmful effects brought by the extra pounds they gained which will eventually result to hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and even some form of cancer. Probably, some people knew the consequences yet to lose weight is not their priority.

Many people even children are getting fatter faster. In a study conducted, four to six million young ones aged six to eleven years old have serious weight problems. The number of overweight children has doubled for the past years.

Adults and children shared the same major causes of obesity like sedentary lifestyle, frequent TV viewing, more time in gadgets like mobile phones and computer, snack and soda habit, indulgence of highly processed and salty foods. Health experts say that these causes were identified as the culprit of developing health diseases that if not given early attention might lead to serious conditions. What can be done to counter this growing weight problem?



  • Consume foods that provide good health like nuts, fruits, grains, and vegetables. The superiority of vegetables in our diet can topple the one high in animal protein. These foods are known to have high nutritional content. You can also try this healthy meatballs recipe, not actually a meatballs because you don’t need a meat to do this instead use a banana blossom, but it taste like a meatballs actually!
  • Evade foods high in saturated fats rather prefer foods that has complex carbohydrates such as soy proteins, beans, brans, apples and many more.
  • Eliminate caffeine from your diet. Choose to drink eight glasses of water a day instead of coffee, tea and sodas. Water is healthier and cheaper.
  • Eat the exact portion at the right time. A normal meal calls for a heavy breakfast and light meals for lunch and dinner.
  • Prefer to eat using smaller plates. According to study, people who tend to eat using smaller plates will consume less.
  • Sleep well every night. An eight hour sleep is recommendable. Remember that poor sleep can be a risk factor to gain weight.
  • Exercise regularly. The inexpensive, and best form of exercise is simply by walking. It can burn calories therefore it is very effective in helping with weight loss.

Genes sometimes play a role in a person’s weight but it is not the whole culprit. Environment plays a critical role too. In this modern era, it cannot be denied that there is an environment that supports obesity. Fortunately, children of old times were getting excited to go home from school just to spend more time playing outside with other children. But in today’s time, children spend a lot of time watching TV or playing in their gadgets and computer. On the other hand, the evolution of technology has also contributed in the lack of physical activity not only for children but in adults too. It gives a huge impact in promoting a healthy lifestyle and therefore the absence of physical activity can definitely causes a person to gain more weight.

To lose weight naturally is as important as you care for your life and loved ones. Why not make the most of your time while you still have the chance to get fit so you will not regret for a missed opportunity to be healthy, happy and naturally beautiful.