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Does Alcohol Impact Your Fitness?

It may seem surprising, but it turns out that those who exercise regularly actually drink more than those who claim not to exercise according to a study done at the University of Miami. Researchers wanted to see whether exercising actually goes well with alcohol, meaning that the workout could maybe be rewarded with alcohol and have positive effects, or if drinking makes one's fitness suffer.

Well, it may not be too shocking, but the results of drinking, even when you exercise, can be very damaging. In fact, in certain circumstances, drinking during or after exercises can be worse than drinking without any exercise at all. This is because when you drink, the alcohol spreads to almost every organ of your body. However, when you are exercising, your body is working itself harder than usual, putting it in a mode of repair. When your body is not at its usual strength, and in this mode of repair, alcohol can do more damage. After a workout, most trainers emphasize the importance of drinking lots of water. This is because you need to rehydrate and replenish your body. Drinking alcohol does just the opposite, actually having the ability to dehydrate your body - reversing the positive effects of your workout.


So, while a lot of us love a nice drink here or there, don't replace your protein shake with a glass of wine. Instead, work out, eat right, and rehydrate - then keep the partying for the next day.