Fitness Director of Women's Health Reveals Her Secrets

Fitness Director of Women's Health Reveals Her Secrets

Jen Ator is the fitness director at Women's Health, so clearly she has picked up some important tips and tricks when it comes to staying healthy and in shape. Of course, people have different approaches to fitness, but she says that everyone is looking for a "holy grail."

Unfortunately, she explains, it isn't that simple. A shift in mindset is crucial to see any meaningful change, it won't come in a magical diet or a boutique fitness class.

Many assume that this means she is constantly diligent in counting calories and works out at least once a day. She says that they are then surprised to learn she doesn't do either. Ator prefers to be dedicated to a manageable routine than attempt an "all-or-nothing" fitness regimen that inevitably causes people to fall off the wagon at one point or another.

Ator explains, "anyone can suffer through a brutal month of overtraining and calorie restriction and lose a few quick pounds, but research has continually proven that it's simply not sustainable long term, physically or mentally."

Because research has shown that commitment to a more relaxed diet has stronger long-term effects than those that are more "hard-line" or intense, it may be a good idea to take it easy on yourself, and actually enjoy the workouts you do (and the food you eat)!

Interested in more of Ator's tips and advice? You can check out her new book The Women's Health Fitness Fix for workouts, recipes, and fitness strategies