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How an Olympian Gets Through The Winter Fitness Blues

When you're frustrated with the darkness outside coming in so early, which can get depressing and demotivating, Toby suggests working out with a friend in the evenings. This way you can hold each other accountable to stick to your workouts, as well as be safer in a group when it's dark.

Because of decreased exposure to sunlight, many people begin to suffer from seasonal affective disorder, which causes them to become down on themselves. This results in a decreased desire to exercise. However, Toby explains that they key to this is actually to exercise more, as it releases endorphins that can get your mood back up. 

Finally, the big one. Many don't want to work out because it becomes colder. It would be much nicer to just stay inside and relax; however, even if you don't want to go outside, you still have to exercise. Toby says that there are many indoor fitness spaces that can work, or even commit to intense home workouts.

So, it may be cold, but keep going!