How Garlic Supplement May Help Prevent Cancer

Losing a family member to cancer is one of the most heartbreaking and traumatic experience anyone can go through in their lifetime. Seeing your loved ones slowly deteriorate and lose their battle against cancer can leave a devastating mark on the ones that gets left behind.

Cancer ranks as one the highest causes of deaths in the US. Numerous research and studies have been done to find out more about this incurable disease. But how much do we really know about cancer? How do we get it and most of all, is there anything we can do to prevent it?

Cancer is simply defined as cells that have gone completely out of control in our body. All normal cells have a specific function and it starts by creating and breaking up of the cells and eventually its death. Cancer cells no longer function the same way as it should and causes unnatural growth of cells that our body doesn’t need. They reproduce uncontrollably and often leave devastating effects.

You can be at a higher risk if you have a family history of cancer. It can be passed on to children whose parents have these mutated genes. There are other factors that may bring about cancerous cells in your body. Unhealthy lifestyle and bad eating habits may cause cells to grow unnaturally.

It is no wonder that cancer can be a cause of great concern. Extensive clinical studies have been done to fight against it and others have gone to great lengths (and cost) to treat cancer. However, there are others who choose to prevent cancer early on.

One of the many natural option that may help prevent cancer is by taking Garlic Supplements. Garlic has been known to boost our immune system and fight off free radicals in our body. Garlic has also been used to reduce our risk against infection and inflammation. And to explain it further, here are 3 ways how garlic supplements may help prevent cancer:

Garlic has anti-bacterial properties

Garlic is often used in cooking to enhance flavor. But aside from making your meals delicious, garlic contains vitamin c and minerals such as copper, iron, calcium, thiamin and selenium that can naturally fight off infections in your body. It is also a good source of a photochemicalcompound called allyl sulfides that may help prevent cancer by eliminating cancerous substances and by stopping tumor growth.

Garlic is anti-inflammatory

Inflammation is our body’s natural defense against infection. It prevents further damage to our body and enables it to heal naturally. However, we often push our body to its limit with our unhealthy lifestyle and poor food choices. This may cause an autoimmune response from our body and may lead to other untreatable major diseases. By taking Garlic Supplements, it may help prevent diseases that are caused by chronic inflammation.

Garlic is used as a natural detoxifier

Garlic is also used to detoxify your body and Its ability to fight off infections can help purify it from toxins. Although it does not directly flush out the “bad stuff”, it supports several liver enzymes like glutathione which helps stimulate your liver to detoxify your body.

As the saying goes, “<i "="">prevention is always better than cure”. We do have a fighting chance against this debilitating disease and it all starts by living a healthier lifestyle. Don’t let ignorance ruin your chances for survival. Protect yourself now by taking daily Garlic Supplements as part of your diet.

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