The Benefits of Pole Fitness

Are you tired of your normal workout routine? Pole fitness may be the perfect choice for you! While many associate the sport with something promiscuous, it has taken on an entirely new direction that everyone can enjoy. Men and women, old and young, pole fitness tests all muscles in the body, trains you to be more flexible, and increases balance and coordination!

On top of the physical wellbeing that pole fitness can instill, the art increases confidence tremendously. It can also be addicting; where some people struggle to get themselves to exercise, with a fun sport like this you won't be able to stop! People report that it is much more challenging than it looks and (fortunately or unfortunately) not as sexy. People report feeling more in tune and free within their own body.

Another great thing about the sport is its increasing accessibility. People can go to certain gyms or studios for classes, or they can get their own pole for those who prefer to have a more private workout session. There are many Youtube videos that offer guidance for those trying to learn, or many qualified trainers. One of the best parts? It is actually very affordable! All you need are your favorite workout clothes, some water, some music, and of course, most importantly - the pole!

Still don't think that pole fitness is a legitimate sport? Well, to make it even more official, it is being considered for an Olympic sport!