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The Power of Smile and How It Brings Happiness and Good Health

You may be stunned with the power of smile and how it brings happiness and good health to your life. Experts say that smile brings us a lot of good things which indicates a good perspective in life. It says that every person is a smile away from happiness. There are much more reasons to smile than just a reaction to something amazing or cute. As smile gives you a positive feeling not only for yourself but to other people as well. I hope I am wrong to believe that some of you never realized the attitude of smiling which can positively motivate you to consider that everything is possible.


Smile keeps a person’s attitude to develop optimism. One can relate to this when you meet someone whom you do not know yet you still manage to smile at her or him. This means that you are interested or positively accepting his presence. A common scenario of the positive effect of smile is when you see something amazing or an action responding to something that you like. People around you can also feel the positive effect of smile as they see you smiling too. It is very influencing to everyone’s mood and suppressing negative vibes.


Smile is significantly the easiest way to revitalize health. Apart from doing healthy regimen, a positive attitude can overcome frustrations and failures. Scientifically speaking, it takes only few muscles to smile than to frown. Though there are several facts revealed the number of muscles to use when smiling and frowning. Some say that it takes 43 muscles to frown while 17 to smile, others claim that 26 muscles will be used to smile while 62 to frown. Though nobody can tell the accuracy of how many muscles to use but the point here is the purpose of developing a positive attitude and to achieve good health as well.


  • Smiling helps reduce stress and discomfort. When you are feeling stress just think of something that can make you smile. It can calm you down. Remember that by smiling a certain chemical called endorphins is released which is responsible to make someone happy.
  • Smile can make you attractive. A study conducted by European Journal of Social Psychology supported the claim that smile can make a person attractive for people you smile at.
  • Smiling can make your immune system stronger because it aids your body to produce white blood cells that enables to fight illnesses.
  • You will be feeling comfortable when smiling especially for awkward situations.
  • Smiling is a trustworthy attitude. People tend to trust someone who manage to smile.
  • To boost your mood, smile is the better option. It helps you feel better and healthier.
  • Smile can kill the pain. The endorphin that is release when you smile is responsible to lift your moods and act as a painkiller.

Smile does a lot of positive things in life. It is one of the factors on how to be beautiful in a simple and natural way. Learn the power of smile and how it brings happiness and good health to your life. Make use of its advantage.