The Types And Benefits of Daily Stretching

The Types And Benefits of Daily Stretching

Just as bone broth protein or vegan protein are important choices for muscle maintenance and growth, daily stretching is essential for maintaining your mobility and even your mental health. There are 3 main benefits of stretching that can improve your life. 


Static vs Dynamic Stretching

What’s the difference? Well static stretching involves stretching in place (without movement) and holding your muscle at its end range of motion. Dynamic stretching is used to improve mobility and typically done while moving gently through a gradually increasing range of motion. We’ll provide some examples below. 

Examples of Static Stretching:

Holding any one of these positions is an example of static stretching. While doing this, your body shouldn’t be in motion. Instead, try to slowly stretch the muscle to its end point and hold for a minimum 30 seconds.

Dynamic Stretching examples:

Check out the link above to check out some good examples of dynamic stretching. Try these out before your next workout or even at home to boost mobility.

Increase Your Mobility and Physical Performance 

Routine stretching improves your flexibility which allows you to perform everyday tasks easier and can help delay the onset of reduced mobility as you age. By increasing your flexibility from stretching, you’ll be capable of experiencing a fuller range of motion in your joints. Incorporating both dynamic and static stretches to your daily routine will provide you with more mobility freedom.

Your body will be better able to perform physical exercises. Moreover, stretching can also increase the blood flow to your muscles, which leads to shorter recovery times and less muscle soreness. Regular stretching can also improve your resilience and protect you from injuries. 

Stand Taller and Stronger 

Both muscle imbalance and back pain can lead to poor posture. Combining stretching with strengthening exercises of certain muscle groups has been shown to encourage proper alignment leading to improved posture. Routine stretching also prevents muscle strain by loosening your muscles and strengthening your back. By decreasing the cause for muscle strain, you prolong your ability to stand properly 

Calm Your Mind 

Let's face it. Sometimes you cannot escape stress. Due to both physical and emotional stress, muscle tension can increase, especially in the neck, back and shoulder areas. Making efforts to focus on these areas while stretching helps to unconsciously relieve stress. You can further enhance your stretching routine by incorporating both mindful breathing and meditation. Practicing mindfulness as you stretch greatly helps to quiet your mind and focus on the present.

Are there any supplements that can improve flexibility?

While there aren’t any supplements that directly contribute to flexibility, there are some that can help promote a calm state of mind for more productive stretching sessions. One of these is Ashwagandha, which has long been used in Ayurveda, often as a companion to Yoga. Other supplements such as 5-HTP can help improve sleep quality and focus, which can lead to improved recovery and mindfulness*.


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